Training in cryptocurrency market trading

We teach algorithms that really work. Real-time patterning. Course forecasting based on fundamental technical analysis.

Training for everyone, from beginners to professionals.



Decision psychology

The foundation of the trader is speed, accuracy, priorities when making decisions. The consciousness of most market players is deliberately manipulated. We learn to recognize manipulations, news provocations and trade against the expectations of the majority.



Technical analysis, cross-sectional approach to transactions. Correct placement of stops and entry into position. We give a basic lesson in technical analysis (candlestick analysis, wave analysis, levels) in order not to distract from really important things in trading.


Own strategy

Together with the student, we develop an individual trading strategy taking into account the psychological, physical and other capabilities of the student. Trading should be comfortable to preserve the nervous system and deposit, which means that you must clearly follow the instructions that you wrote yourself to make decisions.



In our approach to training, several blocks of unique information about the work of the cryptocurrency market are presented. These are not indicators in the usual understanding of a trader; rather, this is a general real view on a specific timeframe that works on any instrument. We guarantee that you will not find this information in the public domain.

Unlike most paid courses on the market, EKA is looking for future employees or fund partners in its students. At least three of our students trained in 2017 are already working successfully in our team.

Our goal is not to give you template information that can be found in public in any way, but to restructure your views to the existing market. Even if you have been trading for a long time, but are looking for the development of your skills, you are sure to be surprised by what we will reveal to you during the training.

The cost of training – 15.000 usdt
Duration of training – 4-6 weeks.

*Discounts are possible for some categories, check with the operator.