Anonymous Cryptocurrency Fund

Take advantage of privacy to push limits

* Global Consensus on Decentralization


Affiliate commissions on exchanges make our trading with your funds even more profitable.

Special conditions for large deposits.


Insurance funds are allocated from the pool for each transaction.

The stabilization fund is allocated from alternative cryptocurrency systems for internal hedging.

120 days

Quarterly reports and investor income payments.

Transparent trading with all evidence of transactions.

Simple and flexible plans

Our goals are simple and transparent for every investor.


Conservative trading with limited risk in any direction of market movement. The plan is aimed at long-term hedging of investor funds.

Minimum investment amount – 10₿

+30% per year

High risk

Conducting transactions with a risk factor of 1:2. Leverage to achieve quick results. Risk reduction through internal hedging of positions. The plan is suitable for quick return on investment.

Minimum investment amount – 2₿

+20% per quarter

Custom plan

We will select individual conditions for your goals and objectives.

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  • EKA qt.₿ %

EKA – is an anonymous cryptocurrency hedge fund. We create unique algorithms for trading on leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Automated solutions to help the trader, whose own indicators and trading methods are not in the public space.

We successfully invested in Bitcoin cryptocurrency – 5 years before we entered the market to work with a large circle of investors.

The peculiarity of the algorithms of the fund, as well as the attention to the safety of our investors, makes public work impossible.

Start investing

Contact us and we will offer the best conditions for trusting your bitcoins on conditions of complete anonymity.

We are available all over the world.

Despite the restrictions of some states on the trade in cryptocurrency assets, we are a limitless island in the provision of services. It does not matter to us from which jurisdiction our investor.