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For us there is no fundamental difference in the name of the instrument, only the volatility and volume of the instrument are important. The main trades are held in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

According to the doctrine of the first cryptocurrency, there is no obvious need for verification of funds if they are not fiat counterparts. Verification can often complicate or make the use of funds impossible for the investor if he is in the coverage area of countries where there are restrictions.

We declare the principle of peace – without borders, therefore we do not request information from our investors, including for the safety of the investor. At the same time, we provide all information protection scenarios for the payment of income to the investor.

The rate depends on the investment plan, the standard rate: the fund receives 30% of the services, the investor receives 70%.

Usually every 3-4 months, sometimes more often, depends on market volatility. The fund has no task to accumulate investor funds, we try to pay out as soon as possible upon completion of the transaction.

None. The cryptocurrency market is not regulated, which means it will be almost impossible to cancel the erroneous payment, investigate the theft of funds, challenge the closure of the exchange. We ask all investors to be immediately ready to lose everything that has been transferred to investing. However, internal diversification mechanisms will never allow us to lose everything.

Bybit, BitMeX, Bitfinex. There is a partnership agreement between the exchanges and the fund to reduce commissions.

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